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Greece Blog

My family and I went to Athens this winter between Christmas and New Year's. I wanted to incorporate Pokemon into my trip, so in the three or four months leading up to our trip I did some scouting on the Event Locator.  I knew that the Italian SPE was going to be held in December with the date TBA, so I crossed my fingers that it would be held on the one weekend I would be in Greece so that I could fly there. Unfortunately, this was wishful thinking as the dates did not match up. This meant that I wouldn't be leaving Greece for the duration of my trip. What I discovered from the Event Locator is that there are two main haunts to play Pokemon in Greece: Athens and Thessaloniki. The latter is about a five hour drive away from the former, and we weren't planning to travel there, so any Pokemon I got to play would be limited to the Athens area. The Event Locator is your friend. Prereleases do happen in Greece, but no Premier Events occur outside of that at this t

Underground Spotlight: Sabermetrics Applied to Pokemon

In May of 2012, Kent Shen wrote an article for Sixprizes Underground called Getting that Extra Edge: Sabermetrics Applied to Pokémon .  Today, I would like to respond to that article. I read its introduction in 2012 upon its release. However, since I was not an Underground subscriber, I was not able to read the full content and the introduction left me curious and wanting to read more. I have been without WiFi for much of the past week, and I have taken the time to read over a lot of the 6P: UG archive, so five years later I was finally able to read Kent Shen's thoughts on sabermetrics applied to Pokemon. This article originally did require a Sixprizes subscription to access, but since the piece is over five years old, it has long been made available for free to the public. The article starts by describing the "Moneyball" premise and how managers overvalued and undervalued certain statistics when choosing and paying professional baseball players.  Shen connects this