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Is it Morally Incorrect to Attend an SPE over a Regionals?

Yesterday, in response to Joe's tweet, I wrote this:  According to Joe, I have Zero Integrity and Don't Deserve Respect as a Competitor . Here is the gist of my post summed up in a few bullet points: 1) Special Events are unfair (compared to Regionals) in terms of Championship Points, but Regionals' cash prizes even things out 2) We need Special Events 3) I like Special Events 4) The Day Two system is flawed, not the SPEs I like what I wrote. I feel like I described the issue at hand pretty well, and proposed a useful solution. Here was Joe's response: What Joe is saying is that he is not  addressing flaws in our system. He is specifically addressing players who take advantage of that system. Applying this to League Cups This goes deeper than just SPEs, as these type of flaws (albeit in a much less exaggerated form) exist all over Pokemon because of the nature of the CP system. For example, here is the Championship Points breakdown for League Cups: The way these tournam

According to Joe, I have Zero Integrity and Don't Deserve Respect as a Competitor

My name is Charles Larenas-Leach, and I attended three SPEs during the 2019-2020 season. I traveled to Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and Guatemala. I had flights booked to Ecuador, El Salvador, and Bolivia before the season was canceled. I earned 160 CP from getting 2nd place in Guatemala. I have competitive integrity. The top four competitors at the 2020 Guatemala SPE; that's me, third from the left! Special Events are Unfair CP-wise, but not overall Let me explain where Joe is coming from, because I see what he is saying. If you win a Regionals, you earn 200 CP. If you win an SPE, you win 200 CP. Winning a Regionals is significantly harder than winning a Special Event. I don’t believe that I have the skill in order to make Top Eight at a Regionals. In terms of CP, Special Events are severely over-weighted. However, Regionals come with cash prizes. This means that it is possible to earn back money spent traveling to Regionals while it is difficult to do the same with SPEs (outside of s

Why SixPrizes Hated Me Circa 2011

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. -- Galvantula is for Losers On September 9th, 2011, an article called Galvantula is for Losers was released on For over ten years, SixPrizes has been an article site with Pokemon articles that are generally worth reading. However, Galvantula is for Losers was not a very good article. It was an article which satirically proposed that Joltik BLW was a strong card. In reality, Joltik was very weak. Who wrote this article? Why was this article written? Why was this article released? I wrote this article. I wrote it in a bid to earn a free one-month subscription to the paid service SixPrizes: Underground . Adam chose to publish it. The comments section hated it. Those comments made me feel bad, but I did end up getting my free month of Underground in the end! I am going to walk through my inspiration for this art