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Bears. Beets. Battlestoise Galactica.

Not pictured: Beets. I started playing Blastoise during the Cities season of 2015-2016 during some Expanded Cities in Missouri. I fell in love with the deck. You can hit high numbers, and it gives me a rush when I successfully execute Archie's Ace In The Hole. I have personally received a lot of questions about the list as well as seen people requesting a Blastoise list on Heyfonte. I thought I would put the list here and explain card counts and matchups. Here is my current list: --- Pokemon: 15 2 Keldeo EX 1 Articuno 1 Tapu Fini GX 2 Exeggcute 2 Blastoise 2 Shaymin EX 2 Tapu Lele GX 1 Lapras GX 1 Wishiwashi GX 1 Oranguru T/S/S: 34 1 Computer Search 2 Field Blower 4 Superior Energy Retrieval 4 Battle Compressor 4 Ultra Ball 2 Acro Bike 4 Trainers' Mail 4 VS Seeker 2 Muscle Band 1 Float Stone 1 N 1 Lysandre 2 Archie's Ace in the Hole 2 Professor Juniper Energy: 11 11 Water --- 2 Keldeo EX Ke