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"Danmark Man Dark"- How I Won a League Challenge in Denmark

Google Translate really clears up what the lyrics mean. Danmark Man Dark Vores buschauffør ka' godt køre bus Der' rigtig mange der' rigtig tilfreds Med hans niveau imellem bremse og gas Jo, han kan godt styre bussen Men ved han egentligt hvem der sidder i den? Og hvor de egentligt gerne vil køres hen? Hvad ved han helt præcist om kvinder og mænd? I just had the most amazing afternoon. This League Challenge has been one of my most enjoyable Pokemon experiences ever! Side Note: Aron wanted this post to be called "First Step Into a New World". So consider that an alternate title! I had the idea of going to a tournament in Europe when I first heard that I would be going on vacation there with my family, and this became especially important to me when I realized that our vacation would conflict with Regionals. Nothing looked like it would be conveniently close to any of the places we planned to visit, but the events in Denmark

"Brutal Bash?"- Why Revive Isn't As Bad As You Think

Let me start off with an anecdote: I was playing on TCGOne with the new Roaring Skies cards and I had an opponent open with Zorua. He proceeded to play Revive, which I had thought was unplayable. I continued to set up and eventually my undamaged 180 HP Pokemon was staring down a Zorua when my opponent had two prize cards left to take. My opponent evolved into Zoroark, attached a Double Colorless Energy, and used Brutal Bash. That little screen popped up in the corner announcing that my opponent had won and I was really confused. How did my opponent win? I thought. Zoroark can't do enough damage to knock out a big EX! I looked in the log on the side and it read: Brutal Rush does 180 damage to the big EX you had active And I was all like, the attack is called Brutal Bash, not Brutal Rush, and I sent in a bug report, and I got an e-mail later saying that the problem was fixed, and thank you for reporting it! Zoroark has two attacks; one is Brutal Bash and the other is D