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"An Evening March"- A Tournament Report From Plainsfield, IL

My report starts at six in the morning when I wake up, shower, and pack my lunch for the day. I live in Champaign, IL, which is about two hours south of Chicago. By 7:15 my mother and brother were awake and getting in the car with me, and we were off. Registration started at ten, and we got to the event about fifteen minutes before the doors opened. I meet up with my friends from Champaign and Manito, and then I filled out my deck list. 4 Lampent 4 Pumpkaboo 4 Joltik 2 Jirachi EX 4 Ultra Ball 2 Switch 4 Roller Skates 4 Pokemon Catcher 1 Bicycle 2 Muscle Band 4 Battle Compressor 2 Random Receiver 3 VS Seeker 1 Computer Search 4 Professor Sycamore 1 Lysandre 3 Dimension Valley 4 Double Colorless 2 Darkness 2 Fighting The list only played four draw supporters, and it relies on Ultra Ball and Jirachi to fish them out. Random Receiver was the backup plan to that, and VS Seeker reused Sycamores and the lone Lysandre. Round 1- Karl Kujak with Metal My opponent

Video from IL States 2012

This is my Top Eight game from Illinois States in 2012. I played my Terrakion/Landorus deck against Courtney Temen's Mewtwo/Zekrom Eels deck. I went 5-1 in Swiss, losing only to Ben Moscow with Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus. This qualified me for the top eight, which is shown above. In top four I took down a Reshiram/Typhlosion deck before losing in the finals to Ben Moscow once again.

Past Writing

I have written for several Pokemon TCG fan websites, namely the Pokegym and Here are a few of my pieces mixed with some casual tournament reports: Shampoo Banana Battle Roads Report - A short report I wrote to dip my toe in the water for writing online. It describes a small tournament in my hometown that I won in 2010. Kyogre and Groudon Legend Deck Analysis - An analysis of the Kyogre-Groudon Legend deck that was popular in 2010. Missouri State 4-2 Report - A short, casually written report that I wrote about my most successful tournament of my 2010-2011 season. Galvantula is for Losers - A joke article that I wrote at an the apparent height of my maturity. STL Regionals Report - A Top Four Regionals report from 2012 with Tyranitar Prime. Me circa 2011, photo credit Camille Peltier-Robson Season Summary and Battle Roads Report - A Battle Roads report from when I brought three friends to a local tournament. Terrakion Deck Analysis - A d