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"Genesect and Virizion"- an Unlikely Combination

Hello all, My name is Charles Randall Larenas-Leach. I have been playing the Pokemon trading card game for several weeks now, and I believe that gives me the authority to write a blog about all things Pokemon. I know that people that are reading around these types of blogs just want to play cookie-cutter decks, like Yveltal or Pyroar. I'm here to tell you that you are wrong. Personally, I prefer to play rouge decks. Rouge - a deck that a player plays when they are more creative, skilled, and generally better than other players. Now you don't want to just turn your binder upside down and sleeve up whatever cards fall out. The key to "going rouge", as I call it, is to play cards that work well together and that can beat other decks. Sometimes, you may look at a card and not think outside the box. My job is to show you how to tear up the box and recycle it. Sometimes you have to look at a card and think about other possible applications for it. Genesect PLB

"Roaring Skies"- An Analysis of the New Set

Prereleases for Roaring Skies happened this weekend, and some of you may be wondering which cards from the new set are worth ordering and holding onto, and which cards aren't. I'll be going over some of cards from XY: Roaring Skies that are underrated and overrated, and give my opinions on them. Credit for all images in this article go to  Pokebeach . Pokebeach does a fantastic job with translating Japanese sets and getting scans of every card in the game, along with being a great news aggregator for all things Pokemon. If you want to see the full set of scans, that link will take you straight to Pokebeach where you can see every card. Shaymin EX I have written extensively about Shaymin  here .  Pokemon-based draw is going to take the game in a completely different direction, and if you see these guys go as low as twenty dollars, I would snap that up in a heartbeat. Rayquaza EX They're here! These two cards have been hyped ever since they were released in Japa

"Climbing Trees in a Thunderstorm"- A Deck to Consider For Regionals

"It's a proven fact - standing under a tree is one of the most dangerous places to be in a storm. And for good reason - trees protrude from the earth's surface, making them frequent victims of direct lightning strikes" - Source I have been testing many new decks on TCGOne. I found out this week that I will be able to make it to Regionals in Ontario, So I have been creating and trying decks like crazy. Here is a short list of the decks I have tried: Andy Gray's Donphan/Walls Groudon/Dusknoir Blastoise/Archie's Virizion/Genesect/Mew Manectric/Archie's/Empoleon Ross Gilbert's Speed Donphan Jake Morgan's Manectric/Suicune Seismitoad/Crobat Oliver Barnett's Donphan Grant Manley's Seismitoad/Crawdaunt Erik Nance's Medicham Seismitoad/Manectric Flareon/Leafeon/Raichu/Pyroar Manectric/Trevenant/Victini As you can see, several of these decks are written with a name beside them, which means that I found them on  Squeaky's c