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Latin America: A Reflection

Since all the major tournaments in the Latin American region have concluded, I want to write something regarding the attendance differences from year-to-year in addition to a commentary on the function of the SPEs in the region. Clearly, there were a lot more tournaments in LATAM this year. TPCi cut one Regionals but almost tripled the number of Special Events. This increase in Special Events didn't necessarily create more opportunities to play for people who previously already had tournaments, but brought Tier Two events to new areas. Chile Chile saw incredible growth, and it’s worth pointing out here an interesting pattern in terms of allocation of events. Last year, it looked like TPCi was trying to spread out SPEs in terms of location (Mexico City and Queretaro in Mexico, Olivos and Buenos Aires in Argentina, Santiago and Serena in Chile) whereas this year they seemed to double down on locations with good attendance. For example, Mexico City got two SPEs this year