Red Fennekin Coin

This will be a pretty short post. Some of you may have heard of the controversy surrounding the Red Fennekin Coin. At Nationals this year, Jason Klacynski used this coin as his "lucky coin". Because he was so upset when he lost it, some people suggested that the coin might be weighted. The Facebook group Virbank City blew up with allegations of cheating and weighted coins.

Well, I decided to see for myself whether the coin was weighted. My friend has a collection of many theme deck coins, and he happened to own the Red Fennekin Coin. My brother was kind enough to film me flipping the coin.

I don't recommend watching the whole video, as it has a duration of over thirty minutes. But long story short, the coin is not weighted. I actually flipped more tails than heads! The coin really was just Jason's lucky coin, so hopefully this doesn't tarnish Jason's reputation at all.

Thanks for reading!



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