"Joltik Marches Again"- A Top Four Cities Report from Springfield

This past Sunday, my family and I journeyed to Springfield, Illinois, to participate in their City Championships. My mother and my brother came along, and I invited my girlfriend Quyen and her little sister Vy, who has grown interested in the game recently. We got to their house around 9:30 to pick them up. I drove the five of us to Springfield while we listened to the Arctic Monkeys. We got there and met up with Allen Schneider, my friend from Manito.

 Me and my brother, Michael John, wrote out our decklists. We were both playing Night March. MJ borrows a Computer Search from Allen, which means that our lists are exactly the same. The list is given in my previous post documenting Countryside City Championships. Vy and Quyen made POP IDs, and we all got registered!

Round 1 vs. Carington Huffman with Toad/Victini/Raichu

He goes first, attaches a DCE to a Seismitoad which he brings active, and passes. I find Sycamore, flip heads on a couple of Skates, but I can't find any Battle Compressor. He Quaking Punches me eight or nine times to bench me.


This was frustrating because I knew that I had to win every game from there on out if I wanted to make the top four.

Round 2 vs. Allen Schneider with Yveltal/Manectric/Plasma Kyurem

He took a single prize off of a Pumpkaboo, but other than that I managed to roll through him before he could set up. That was what Night March was supposed to do!

Round 3 vs. Fairies

She got out a couple of Florges, but I managed to set up to a point where I was OHKOing her EXes.

Round 4 vs. Andrew Wamboldt with Fairies/Toad/Laserbank

I am a big fan or Andrew's blog, The Charizard Lounge, and my friend Cole McQueen lost to him in the top eight of St. Louis Cities. I went first. I had an explosive start and got seven Night Marchers in the discard. He got a turn two Seismitoad, but I had Mew Quaking Punch a few times before Toad was in knockout-range of Night March. I benched him when he couldn't draw any more Pokemon!

I was 3-1. Andrew did the math and told me I was not safe to ID. I had to play out my last round for sure.

Round 5 vs. Michael Hopkins with Donphan

Donphan was a really bad matchup for Night March. To win I had to hit some key heads with Catcher, and I had been working on a strategy against Donphan. The strategy is to use Pumpkaboo. Pumpkaboo has 60 HP and Fighting Resistance, so Donphan needs a Strong Energy and a Muscle Band to knock it out.

I go first and get a decent amount of Night Marchers in the discard. Michael started Hawlucha, so he attached a Fighting to it and hit me for 60. I have a benched Pumpkaboo and a DCE on Mew but no Dimension Valley in play. I also have a dead hand. I flip heads on a Catcher to bring up Phanpy, but then I realize I can't use Night March. I get creative and copy Kyurem's Outrage, which hits for 80, exactly what I need for the KO.

He dead draws midgame, and I win by a prize and a turn when he is whiffing attackers.


I had made the top four cut! Quyen and I take a celebratory selfie :)

Top Four vs Jay Young with Donphan

Unfortunately, I had to play against another Donphan in the top four, and I couldn't fluke out a win this time. He 2-0d me, but I was happy with the ten packs that I won! I gave those to Vy.


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