"An Evening March"- A Tournament Report From Plainsfield, IL

My report starts at six in the morning when I wake up, shower, and pack my lunch for the day. I live in Champaign, IL, which is about two hours south of Chicago. By 7:15 my mother and brother were awake and getting in the car with me, and we were off. Registration started at ten, and we got to the event about fifteen minutes before the doors opened. I meet up with my friends from Champaign and Manito, and then I filled out my deck list.

4 Lampent
4 Pumpkaboo
4 Joltik
2 Jirachi EX

4 Ultra Ball
2 Switch
4 Roller Skates
4 Pokemon Catcher
1 Bicycle
2 Muscle Band
4 Battle Compressor
2 Random Receiver
3 VS Seeker
1 Computer Search

4 Professor Sycamore
1 Lysandre

3 Dimension Valley

4 Double Colorless
2 Darkness
2 Fighting

The list only played four draw supporters, and it relies on Ultra Ball and Jirachi to fish them out. Random Receiver was the backup plan to that, and VS Seeker reused Sycamores and the lone Lysandre.

Round 1- Karl Kujak with Metal

My opponent never really got set up. He had an Aegislash EX on turn two, but I just attacked around it and never had to deal with it. I run through him and he takes no more than two prizes.

Round 2 - Joe Baka with Metal

This game was down to the wire. We were one and one on prizes, and I was out of basic energy. He had an active Aegislash EX with five metals on it, and I had one card left in deck. I top decked VS Seeker for the Lysandre and I was able to take my last prize. One more turn and he would have benched me, taken all six prizes, and also won because I couldn't draw a card at the beginning of my turn. It was a very close game, to say the least.

Round 3- vs JW Halliday with Speed Lugia

He couldn't set up a Lugia before I set up a Joltik and I hit heads on Catcher. I swept his field after that.

Round 4- vs. Jacob Dalen with Fighting/Garbodor

He set up a Garbodor which I Catchered and KOd. I won the prize trade because he had all EXes. I got eight Night Marchers in the discard and went to town while he couldn't even 1HKO my attackers.
Allen and Cole posed dutifully for this picture.

Round 5- Tyler Turner with Yveltal-

He went first. I started with an active Jirachi and a benched Joltik. He played Escape Rope, Virbank, Laser, and gets the KO on the first turn. I got a lot of Battle Compressors off, but I whiffed the DCE, so he KOd another Joltik. I got set up, but he was already two prizes ahead and he won by a turn.

Round 6- Cole McQueen with Pyroar

I had no out against Pyroar, I accepted the autoloss. This game was on film here, but basically he rolled through me. I never had a chance.

Round 7- Bryan Gold with Yveltal

I set up and rolled through him.

5-2 was good enough for 11th place in a field of 65. I got two packs and 10 CP.


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